SGA Families

The SGA Families were founded in 2016 as a way to help develop a community of growth and support. Family heads are more senior members of the community who have experience and knowledge in archery and as students at UCSD and who want to share their experience to help members of our community feel welcome, grow, and succeed.

Family Info

Family Head Applications open at the beginning of the school year and Family Applications to join a Family open near the middle of Fall Quarter. There will be email announcements and social media updates as we get closer and the applications open!

Unfortunately, due to the high demand and popularity of the family program, spaces are limited and not everyone who applies will be able to get into a family. We are doing our best to grow the program and support the demand by creating new families and we highly encourage everyone who is interested in joining a family to apply!

Family Events

 Throughout the quarter, families will be invited to various multi-family events. Past events have included an escape room family reveal and laser tag. Family heads will also organize their own outings for their respective families.

Family Challenges

Every quarter during the academic year, all families are assigned a challenge to meet in which they can compete against other families. These challenges have varied from holiday-themed photos to a cooking challenge with specific ingredients! Through these challenges and by participating in other events across the year, points are calculated and at the end of the year, the winning family receives prizes such as Lancaster Gift Cards.