Board of officers

Sun God Archery is run by a collection of officers that are part of the club. It is our job to make sure the club functions smoothly and that it meets the members’ expectation and needs. Explore the list of officers and what they do below!



Vice President

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Team Captains

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Social Chair


Facilities Manager




External Affairs


Janae Zhang

Hey there! I’m a third year Communication and CogSci Design student in Marshall. I technically started archery when I was in seventh grade, but took a break at the end of high school and only got back into it recently with SGA. Over the past two years my love for this community has only grown, inspiring me to give back to it as much as possible. As club president this year I look forward to meeting all of our members and shaping the club into what this community wants it to be. See you at the field!

Jason Sheu

Hi! I am a second year Data Science Major in Warren college. Since I was a child I've wanted to do archery but never had a good chance to, until I joined Sun God Archery in my first year. This will be my second year shooting, and I really enjoy being a part of this club, with its welcoming community and competitive spirit. As your Vice President this year, I will be in charge of managing membership and running the family program! I look forward to shooting with you all in the coming school year!

Jacky lee

Hey guys this is Jacky. I'm a fourth year economic major student in Warren college. My first experience with a bow and arrow is in a highschool workshop. I joined the school team later that year and archery has became part of my life since then. This year will be my second year in SGA. As your treasurer, I'll make sure our club money are put into good use. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Nathan chiu

Hey! I’m a second year in Mechanical Engineering in Warren looking for a specialization in Controls and Robotics. I’ve been shooting competitively as an Olympic Recurve archery with my local club ever since the start of my year in high school. Naturally, I came to UCSD and joined the SGA family. Here, I quickly found a community of fellow college students that all shared my interest in the sport of archery. In the coming school year, my goal as one of your team captains this year is to support club members who are willing to take archery to the next level, representing our school at collegiate tournaments. I look forward to seeing you on the field!

Eric tian

Hello! I am a fourth year Public Health transfer student in Revelle, so this is my second year at UCSD. I have always been fascinated by archery ever since I was small and watched the Lord of the Rings. I was obviously amazed by how cool Legolas was and his amazing skills. Once I started my first year and saw SGA during week 0, I instantly signed up to learn how to shoot. Now I find archery an amazing sport to compete, relax, and meet new friends. As one of your captains, I really hope to encourage and help everyone get the most out of their time at SGA; looking forward to seeing all of you at the field!

Irene Sha

Hello, I’m a second year Mechanical Engineer (with a minor in Humanities) from Warren. I first picked up a bow in fifth grade but it was through SGA that I was able to harbor my growth in archery. I have met many friends and fellow students with a passion for archery through SGA, and I can’t wait to continue doing so next year. As your Social Chair, I’ll be arranging events and themed shoots for the club. Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Chris Lasher

Hi! I’m a third-year NanoEngineer with a minor in Cognitive Science from Revelle who has been part of the competitive archery team here at SGA since my first year, however, I have taught youth how to shoot in Scouting for around seven years. It’s less embarrassing now, but what originally got me into archery was the fantasy heroes I would read about and watch in novels and movies (Legolas being my absolute favorite). Now it’s less about becoming an elf hero and more about being a part of a team that I didn’t have the chance to growing up. Archery is a meditative sport, and it’s a relaxing break from the stress of school, so I keep coming back for more!

Ethan Tao

Hi, I am a second year Computer Engineer from Warren. I have always had an interest in archery, and Sun God Archery was a great opportunity for me to pursue this hobby. I joined last year, and greatly enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, as well as the training aspect of the club. While it is a club focused on archery, SGA promotes the social aspect as well, allowing me to meet new people and make friends. This year, I joined the board of officers in hopes of further improving the club. As Webmaster, will be working on the website, and anything online related. I look forward to working and shooting next to you guys!

Rachel Kraft

Hi! I am a second year Molecular and Cell Biology student, with a minor in Environmental Systems, in Marshall. I joined SGA at the beginning of my first year at UCSD because archery is something I have been interested in and thought was fun ever since I first tried it in middle school PE. SGA has given me a place to go to relieve my stress and meet people I would have never met otherwise; I am so glad I just went for it and decided to join. As your External Affairs Coordinator, I will actively seek out new opportunities for our club, increasing our exposure and making sure we stay funded. I can’t wait to meet you all!