Range Rules

 All Archers must be enrolled in a UCSD Recreation archery class, or sign the UCSD and SGA liability waivers before shooting.

  1. Any spectators or other persons on the range must sign the UCSD and SGA liability waivers to remain on the field.

  2. This range is not a public range; UCSD Recreation (Recreation classes, Sun God Archery at UCSD) approved activities only.

  3. A UCSD Recreation approved archery instructor or coach must be present whenever archery is in progress.

  4. Closed-toe shoes are required. No loose or baggy clothing, long hair must be worn up or tied back, dangling jewelry or accessories must be removed or secured.

  5. Eye protection must be worn when shooting at distances less than 9 meters.

  6. “All-clear” commands (and/or whistle commands) are to be strictly observed:

    1. “All-clear” commands:

      1. After the first “all-clear” signal, all or at least 2 other shooters on the line must repeat “all-clear” before the line is clear.

      2. The line must be declared clear before archers load arrows, and before archers step over the shooting line to retrieve arrows.

      3. “Not-clear”: stop shooting IMMEDIATELY

    2. Whistle commands:

      1. 2 whistles -- approach the shooting line

      2. 1 whistle -- begin shooting

      3. 3 whistles -- stop shooting and collect arrows

      4. 4 or more whistles -- stop shooting IMMEDIATELY

  7. A single set of commands controls the entire field, with exception if Recreation classes are taking place simultaneously; only classes may be run on a separate set of commands.

  8. Target mats and stands will be moved to different distances if necessary to create a single shooting line across the field. Shooting lines operating on the same “All-clear” or whistle commands shall not be staggered.

  9. Target or field points only. No broadheads.

  10. Draw weight maximum of 60 lbs as established by World Archery, USA Archery, and the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

  11. Club-owned equipment must be returned at the end of practice. Do not take equipment from the field without first signing it out with an officer.

  12. Draw the bow with an arrow loaded only when it is pointed at a target mat, and only when the field is clear.

  13. Maximum of 2 shooters per mat at distances less than 9 meters, maximum of 4 shooters per mat at distances beyond 9 meters.

  14. Everyone helps with set-up and take-down of the mats and field.

  15. Target stands should be carried when shooting distances, not dragged across the field.

  16. Everyone helps with picking up debris and keeping the field clean.

  17. Everyone helps with finding lost arrows.

  18. Missing arrows MUST be found before leaving.