UCSD Archery Team

The UCSD Archery Team, housed inside Sun God Archery at UCSD, is the only group of archers allowed to represent UC San Diego at any archery tournaments. The Team was founded the same year as the club and competed at the 2014 California State Indoor Championships as their first tournament. The majority of the team members have never shot before they started attending UC San Diego, but many end up as collegiate regional and national champions before they graduate.

Team Requirements

The following are the requirements to be eligible to join the UC San Diego Archery Team and compete representing UC San Diego.

  1. Be enrolled as a full time UC San Diego student (undergraduate or graduate), in good standing.
  2. Meet the minimum GPA requirements (2.0 for undergrad, 3.0 for grad).
  3. Complete a UCSD Archery Team Qualifier and meet the minimum score for your division (details below).
  4. Sign the Team Contract
  5. Purchase a Team Jersey
  6. Register for and attend the UCSD Archery Team Class (Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm) every quarter.


Team Qualification

Team Qualifiers exist to ensure that every team member can meet a certain expected standard of shooting before they attend competition representing SGA and UC San Diego. Every person who has wanted to join the team in the past, even with little to no prior experience has access to the equipment, facilities, and coaching needed to make the qualifier their first year.

The Team Captains will announce when they are hosting qualifications for each season (Indoor and Outdoor), what days they will be holding qualifiers, and the times those qualifiers will be at. All SGA members are welcome and encouraged to try the qualifiers! If you are unable to make those days, you can contact the Team Captains at info@sungodarchery.org to set up a date and time during our practice hours to have your qualifier. Qualifiers are rolling and as soon as you make the qualifying score during a qualifier, you are eligible to join the UCSD Archery Team.

Qualification Format

  1. Indoor
    1. One (1) timed 30-arrow scoring round under standard World Archery Rules (10 ends, 3 arrow ends, 2 minutes per end)
    2. Qualifying Distance: 18 meters
    3. Target Face: 40cm 10-ring target (May use 3-spot targets)
    4. Qualifying Scores
      1. Recurve: 150/300
      2. Barebow: 120/300
      3. Bowhunter: 230/300
      4. Compound: 230/300
  2. Outdoor
    1. One (1) timed 36-arrow scoring round under standard World Archery Rules (6 ends, 6 arrow ends, 4 minutes per end)
    2. Qualifying Distances and Target Faces
      1. Recurve - 70m, 122cm target
      2. Barebow - 50m, 122cm target
      3. Bowhunter/Compound - 50m, 80cm 6-ring WA target
    3. Qualifying Scores
      1. Recurve: 150/360
      2. Barebow: 150/360
      3. Bowhunter: 230/360
      4. Compound: 230/360

All qualifiers must be supervised by an SGA Officer or Coach. Unsupervised qualifiers do not count for qualification.

Team Competitions

The UCSD Archery Team follows the collegiate season of four (4) main collegiate tournaments per year.

  1. State/Collegiate Indoor
  2. U.S. Indoor Nationals
  3. West Region Outdoor Collegiate Championships (WROCC)
  4. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships (NOCC)

While there are many other tournaments that our team members attend individually (AZ Cup, Gator Cup, CA State Outdoor, SoCal Showdown, US Target Nationals, Texas Shootout, etc), those four tournaments are the main events our team captains organize and bring the team to. 

Three of the four tournaments involve Team Rounds and/or Mixed Teams along with overall team awards that make archery a team sport and help create not only a team spirit within our team, but the entire collegiate community.


Team Events

The UCSD Archery Team hosts team specific events in order to promote team unity and help develop a strong, positive team culture. Team events are open to all current UCSD Archery Team members who have fulfilled the requirements listed above.

Team Events can vary from team dinners to game nights and volunteer opportunities that support the San Diego and the archery communities around us!

Team Achievements

As individuals, our team members have won a numerous number of awards (full list and details on the awards page), but collegiate archery is truly about having a team experience in an individual sport. Our team, though still young and rapidly growing has earned titles at a conference, regional, and national level.

2018 NOCC - 4th Place Overall Team

2018 WROCC - 2nd Place Overall Team

2018 SoCal Collegiate Indoor - 3rd Place Overall Team

2017 NOCC - 5th Place Overall Team