Courtney Carrasca.jpg

Courtney Carrasca

Human Development
Warren College
Senior Title: Friendliest Moneyki-Neko



2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 SGA Treasurer
2016 Female Recurve All-American Academic
2016 Western Regional Female Recurve Team Champion
2017 Western Regional Female Recurve Team Champion


Courtney’s journey with SGA started in fall quarter of her freshman year. It was SGA’s first year as an official student organization and free archery workshops were being held to introduce more people to the sport. She and her friend both wanted to do something cool, so they participated in the workshops and enrolled in the recreation class. Initially, she wasn’t sure if she enjoyed archery enough to commit to it, but after taking the archery recreation class for a year, she found that she liked it a lot and wanted to shoot competitively with the team.

Her defining memory of archery was qualifying for SGA’s outdoor team in 2016. The year before, she had missed qualifying for the team by a few points and had felt discouraged to the point that she became afraid to shoot outdoor distances. Even so, she didn’t give up and made it onto the team the following year. She states, “Making it onto the outdoor team gave me a boost of confidence that encouraged me to train smarter and more seriously. I was really thankful for those who helped me get to that point.”

In addition to that, her fondest memory of being in SGA was meeting her boyfriend, Daniel. She had just gotten a new pair of limbs for her first bow and was excited to put it all together that day during practice. However, she was still missing one important piece, the string. Daniel, who was at the field at that time, kindly offered to give her one of his extra strings and later helped her set up her new bow. They then went to Carnitas to eat lunch with other members of SGA and the rest is history🙂.

After she graduates, Courtney hopes to work full time at UCSD while still making time for art and spending time with cats. She also plans to continue to shoot recreationally and to help support next year’s team by coaching, driving, taking photos, or bringing food.

We wish Courtney the very best and we hope to continue to see her at the field! Congratulations on graduating!