Dalena Dang Senior Spotlight.jpg

Dalena Dang

General Biology
Sixth College
2017-2018 Competitive Team Member
Senior Nickname: The Best Dang L-eye-t of Our Lives



Dalena first found out about SGA when she attended the beginner workshops hosted at the start of the school year. Like many others, she kept coming back to the field because she found archery fun.

Though she had only started shooting her senior year, Dalena decided to make the leap to join the competitive team anyway. She felt it would be a good way to meet people from different schools and it would encourage her to improve “in a way that wasn't just practice.” Her efforts and dedication to personal improvement led her to compete at multiple tournaments with the team, including at this year’s NOCC.

As many competitive archers know, one of the most difficult aspects of being an archer is maintaining a strong mental game. Dalena was no different. However, she says, “SGA helped me keep my spirits up and gave me the encouragement I needed to do the best I could.”

After she graduates, Dalena plans to apply to optometry school after completing an internship with her optometrist.

We at SGA wish her the best of luck in everything she does and hope that she will have the time to come back to the field and see us again. Congratulations on graduating!