Elizabeth Wu Senior Spotlight.jpg

Elizabeth Wu

Human Developmental Sciences
Thurgood Marshall College
Senior Nickname: The Wholesome Peace-Seeker



USA Archery Level 2 NTS Instructor
2017-2019 President
2016-2017 Vice President
2018 Western Regional Female Recurve Team Silver
2017 Western Regional Female Recurve Team Champion


Elizabeth’s first experience with archery was at the young age of 10, when she took a 1-day class with her sisters. However, she never thought she would come back to it until her freshman year at UCSD when she found Sun God Archery on library walk. After attending a beginner's workshop, she was drawn to the welcoming community and uniqueness of the sport. From there, she began her journey into the world of archery.

As a senior now four years later, Elizabeth's favorite part of being in the club is still the community. With all the practice hours she attended, she became close friends with her teammates and the club quickly became part of her social life.

Another aspect of being on the team that Elizabeth appreciated was the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level despite no past experience in archery. During her journey in competitive archery, Elizabeth struggled with not seeing immediate results. She failed to qualify for the team during outdoor season of her first year, but rather than give up, she was only more determined to improve for her second year. Her patience and perseverance paid off in the following Western Regionals in Davis, CA when she shot and won gold with the women's recurve team.

For Elizabeth, archery has always been a learning process, whether that meant her participation on the team or as a club officer. During her three years on the board, she learned to appreciate improvement as an ongoing process, move past mistakes, and seek to better herself. These experiences and skills that she gained contributed a lot to her personal growth both inside and outside of the club.

Thinking back, one defining moment of archery for Elizabeth was at 2017 State Indoors in Tulare, CA. The team was waiting in line for the venue in the cold morning air and to stay warm, everyone started bobbing up and down. This quickly developed into a pattern, with every other person bouncing in sync with each other. Other memorable experiences included a bumpy and unsettling bus ride, card games, and fun food adventures.

Once she graduates, Elizabeth will be attending law school at Santa Clara University. We thank her for her years on the team and the board, congratulate her on graduating, and wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors!