Joyce Kim

Molecular Biology
Sixth College
Senior Title: Best Mom



UCSD Archery Competitive Team Member
2015-2016 SGA Co-Team Captain
2016 State Indoor Collegiate Female Recurve Bronze
2016 Female Recurve All-West
2016 Western Regional Female Recurve Team Champion


Joyce began archery when she transferred to UCSD at the beginning of Fall 2014. She had always wanted to try archery when she was younger due to how enticing manga made it appear, though she realized later how physically and mentally taxing it really is.

After she graduates, Joyce plans on working in a biological research laboratory where she can immerse herself into modern biomedical research and gain the experience and skills necessary before she applies to grad school. After her gap year(s), she plans on applying to graduate school for Microbiology, or Genetics and Genomics and eventually contribute her efforts to research for people with medical disabilities.

Out of the many competitions Joyce has attended, her favorite continues to be the 2015 U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships in Harrisonburg, Virginia hosted by James Madison University. 2015 NOCC was the first time Joyce had been on a plane, the first time she had left the state, the first time she had competed in mixed team and team rounds, her first outdoor competition, and the first time she ever wore 6” heels. Leaving California was a little scary, but the competition was incredible, and traveling with the team and meeting everyone from different colleges across the country was the best. During team rounds, the UCSD Female Recurve team was going against the JMU Female Recurve team for the bronze medal and as JMU is Nick’s Alma Mater, Joyce enjoyed watching the banter between Nick and his old coach.

For Joyce, the 2015 NOCC was one of the defining competitions for her as an archer as it an evaluation for her of the work she put into practice, how much she improved and how much she grew as an archer. Though the banquet at the end was long and arduous, Joyce found the cheer battles at the end cool, and though the 2015 NOCC wasn’t the best, it continues to be an unforgettable experience for her and the team.

Joyce has contributed greatly to the development of SGA and the competitive team during this past year! We all hope to see her as a community member continuing to shoot during her gap years! Congratulations on making it through UCSD and SGA!