Membership Application Received

Thank you for submitting your membership application to Sun God Archery at UCSD!

In order to become an active member, you must complete the following requirements!

  1. Email your UCSD Recreation Archery Class Receipt to every quarter.

  2. Pay membership dues ($40/quarter, $80/academic year).

Forms of Accepted Payment:

  1. Cash

  2. Check (Made out to Sun God Archery at UCSD)

  3. Card (Officers can process this at the field)

  4. Paypal (Send to

  5. Venmo (@SunGodArchery)

Once you’ve completed the other two requirements, our Officers will process your application and you’ll receive an email letting you know your membership is active!

If you have already completed the above requirements, but have yet to receive the confirmation email, you are still an active member and may come to the field.

Have any questions? Email us at!