Kyle Kole

Double Major in Applied Mathematics and Economics with a Minor in Business
Revelle College
Senior Title: Most Kolefied



UCSD Competitive Archery Team Member
2016 3rd Place Male Barebow Individual Eliminations
2016 1st Place Male Barebow Team


Kyle started Archery with Sun God Archery in his final year at UCSD following some thematic goals that he had set up for himself starting his second year. His second year was focused singularly on academics, his third year on his social skills, and his final year on his physicality.

After Kyle graduates from UCSD, he has plans to pursue a PhD in Economics at UC Irvine! They extended to him, a full ride for his interest in econometrics and applied microeconomics. As he’s grown to enjoy archery, he hopes to keep it as a part of his life in UCI, and if time allows, possibly join the UCI team. For long term goals, Kyle plans to travel to Asia, start a Lao restaurant, work as a professor, work in the video game industry, improve on his Lao heritage, and eventually, start a family.

Shooting with UCSD both on the field and at competitions, Kyle grew with his fellow competitors and developed unforgettable memories. One of those memories was while Kyle was preparing for outdoor competition, he began to do a lot of SPT’s, shoot as much as he could, and lift weights. He understood that muscle growth could not be forced, but in hopes of gaining strength for outdoor, he had forgotten that fact and soon he developed a pinched nerve in his back. Rather than taking a few days off, he pushed through practice and hoped to simply stretch it out, but the muscle was too stiff and by attempting to stretch, he tore the muscle in his back. The end result, was that his shoulder was completely frozen and simple movements were a struggle. Fortunately he recovered by going to physical therapy (A lesson everyone should really learn from) and continues to train with the team to this day!

Kyle will be traveling with the competitive team to Lansing, Michigan next Wednesday to compete in the U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships! We wish him luck in Michigan and in his PhD program!